1. Open Google Play Store Search
  2. “mesinkira.io”.
  3. Select MESINKIRA application.
  4. Click INSTALL button to download the application.
  5. Click OPEN button to continue with the app registration.
  1. Open MESINKIRA application.  
  2. Click REGISTER button. 
  3. Fill in “Merchant Registration” Form 
  4. Enter an active and valid email address. 
  5. Create a strong password. 
  6. Click CREATE ACCOUNT.              

    Check for confirmation email. 
  1. Sign in to your email. 
  2. Click on “Welcome to MESINKIRA” email in your inbox. 
  3. Proceed to click “Verify Email”. 
  4. You will be directed to Email Verification Page. 
    Email Verification Page Your email has been successfully verified by MESINKIRA app
  5. Then MESINKIRA app will send “Email Verified” notification to your mailbox. 
  6. Click to open the email.  

    This is to confirm that your registered account has been activated by MESINKIRA application.  
  7. Exit from email app, proceed to login to MESINKIRA application. 
  1. Open MESINKIRA app. 
  2. Enter the registered email address. 
  3. Enter the registered password. 
  4. Click LOGIN button. 

    Our app will walk you through its main features! 
  1. Click PRODUCTS button 
  2. Click ‘+’ to add new product 
  3. Click on the barcode icon to capture the product code.                

    Make sure the product printed barcode is readable.  
  4. The app will automatically fetch the product info. 
  5. Continue to key in the selling Price. 
  6. Continue to key in the Cost Price. 
  7. Insert the Initial Stock. 
  8. Click Save Product.               

    The added item now is in PRODUCTS list.  
  9. Proceed to add another product. 
  1. Click ‘+‘ to add new product. 
  2. Click at the bottom left to select an image.
  3. If the image is not in the album, take a new picture by clicking at the top right corner. 
  4. Make sure the product is in full view, then click the camera button. 
  5. Select the photo in the gallery. 
  6. Click Done. The selected photo is now published in the form. 
  7. Key in your own Product Code. 
  8. Key in Product Name , Price and Cost Price. 
  9. Insert the Initial Stock and click Save Product. 
  10. Follow the same steps to add another non-barcode product.
  1. Click on the vertical three dots menu on the right side of the product you want to remove. 
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Delete Product
  3. The app will prompting to confirm, select YES to continue deleting the product or NO to cancel the action. 
  4. The selected product is now removed from the PRODUCTS list.
  1. Click on the vertical three dots menu on the right side of the product. 
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Edit Product.
  3. You can edit the code, name, price and the cost price. 
  4. Once done, continue to click Save Product.                 

Product details is now updated. 
To add new stock:  

  1. Click on the vertical three dots menu on the right side of the product. 
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Add Stock. 
  3. Insert the stock quantity and put remarks. 
  4. Once done, continue to click OK

The stock is now updated with new quantity.   
To minus existing stock:  

  1. Click on the vertical three dots menu on the right side of the product. 
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Minus Stock. 
  3. Insert the stock quantity and put remarks. 
  4. Once done, continue to click OK.

    The stock is now updated with less quantity.
  1. Tap the BASKET button.                        
    Make sure the basket is empty for each customer.  
  2. You can either select manually from the PRODUCTS list or use the SCAN button.
  3. To select, tap the PRODUCTS button and then tap at the item column in the list.             
    The selected item will be added into the BASKET.   
  4. To scan the barcode, tap the SCAN button. 
  5. Take the purchasing item and position the barcode in view of the phone camera.             
    The scanned item will be added into the BASKET. 
  6.  Tap the SCAN button again to add another purchasing item.   
  7. Or, you can tap again on the added item in the BASKET ; the quantity of the item will increase by 1.
    Please re-check all items before checkout.  
  8. Tap the PAY button when the customer is ready to make payment (checkout).  
  1. Tap the PAY button.
    MESINKIRA app will show the total amount to be paid.  
  2. Enter the cash amount paid by the customer. 
  3. Tap CONFIRM button to proceed. 
    The app will show the change amount and upload the payment receipt. 

VISA / Mastercard (Tap2Fon) :  

4 Important requirements: 

  • Activate Payment Gateway in Mesinkira app. 
  • Enable NFC capability on your android smartphone. 
  • Install Gkash Business, the payment gateway provider app.  
  • Ensure customer’s card indicates contactless capability feature.   


  1. Click the PAY button. 
  2. Tap “Change Payment Method” button. 
  3. Select Visa Mastercard payment.
  4. Wait for the app to establish a secure connection.  
  5.  When ready, tap and hold the front of a debit or credit card to the camera-phone. 

The app will process the payment once the card reading is accepted.
Receipt will be uploaded upon a successful transaction.  
TnG e-Wallet

  1. Go to the bottom of the payment screen.
  2. Tap “Change Payment Method” button.
  3. Select TnG eWallet payment. 
  4. Tap SCAN NOW button to scan customer QR code.

Receipt will be uploaded upon a successful transaction.
Other Payment Methods that are available in Mesinkira App 

Boost, GrabPay, WeChat Pay, TnG e-Wallet, Razer Pay, Gkash, Maybank QRPAY, AliPay

  1. Offline Receipt:   
  2. Tap on Receipt icon. 
  3. Select “Print Receipt” . 
  4. Mesinkira app will prompting the “Printing” status. 
  5. Once done, you can pass the printed receipt to the customer.
    Refer Receipt Printing Setup tutorial.   

Online Receipt :  

  1. Tap on Receipt icon . 
  2. Select “Email Receipt“.
  3. Enter customer’s email address. Click ‘Send‘. 
  4. The app will notify once receipt sent to customer’s email. 
  5. Tap “Finish Transaction” to end.  
  6. Inform customer to check their email inbox in order to see the receipt.
    Customer can check at their own convenience.   

Re-produce Receipt :  

  1. Tap on Main Menu icon at the top left corner. 
  2. Select “Offline & Online Receipt” . 
  3. Tap “Online Receipt” section, Identify the required receipt by referring to the receipt number, timestamp and cashier name. 
Select to open and proceed to reprint or resend it to customer email address.   

Cancel/Refund Receipt :  
  1. From “Online Receipt” section, open the uploaded receipt that need to be cancelled. 
  2. Tap on Receipt icon . 
  3. Select “Cancel Receipt/Refund“. 
  4. The app will ask for confirmation. Enter the cancel reason. 
  5. Once done, the receipt status will change to “Cancelled“.  
  1. Tap on Main Menu icon at the top left corner. 
  2. Select “Reports“. 
  3. Sales Reports available for Top Products or Total Sales
  4. Click More icon , to generate daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports. 

Mesinkira app also able to generate custom date-based sales report.

  1. Tap the Main Menu icon at the top left corner. 
  2. Select Payment Gateway
  3. Understand first about Bank Imposed Transaction Charges Then click OKAY.
  4. Click Start to continue. 
  5. Fill up Merchant Information form. Go Next. 
  6. Fill up Merchant Address form. Go Next. 
  7. Fill up Business Information form. Go Next. 
  8. Fill up Authorize Contact Person details and click Next. 
  9. Provide the Bank Account Information and click Next.
  10. Verify your company status in Politically Exposed Person. Go Next. 
  11. Continue to upload required Business Documents. Go Next. 
  12. Read thoroughly the Declaration and Acceptance. Tick Agree and Accept. 
  13. Click “Submit Application“. 
  1. Install Quick Printer app from Google Play Store. 
  2. Add your printer by following the instructions. 
  3. Open Mesinkira app and click the Main Menu. 
  4. Select Printer.
  5. Register your printer name. 
  6. Click Save button. 
  7. At any uploaded receipt screen, tap on Receipt icon. 
  8. Select “Print Receipt’‘ to print.  
  1. Click FORGOT PASSWORD button. 
  2. Enter registered email address and click RESET PASSWORD button.

    The App will send a password reset email.
  3. Go to your email inbox and open the reset password email. 
  4. Click the reset link. 
  5. Enter your new password and re-enter the password to confirm.   
  6. Click Reset Password button and your will see a password reset page. 
  7. Go back to Mesinkira App.

Tap on MAIN Menu icon at the top left corner.

Select Profile.

Enter all the required details and click SAVE to complete.