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Cafes, Food Trucks, Food Stalls, Bakeries, Homebakers


Boutiques, Florists, Accessories Shops, Flea Market, Pop up Stores


Beauticians, Hairstylists, Barbers, Tailors, Workshops, Laundry, Dropshippers



Seamless and immediate transaction made straight through your mobile devices


Ideal for merchants, that want to save on the cost of a full POS system.


Seamless and immediate transaction made straight through your mobile devices


Built ready with simple features, MESINKIRA is easy to use that anyone can start using in no time.


Secure transaction with contactless payments.


Users are control of their businesses.All payments, inventory and bookkeeping records are in their hands.

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For my overall business management, I use MESINKIRA. It helps me manage my sales transactions, stock management with ease. Thanks to MESINKIRA for helping me to manage my business better 

Sentuhan Budi Trading

I encourage businesses out there to use MESINKIRA because it is user-friendly, easy to use and you can manage your stock easily. With just one click on your mobile phone, you can view all your sales reports

Liscents Bath & Body Products

MESINKIRA has tools to help you manage your business and more quickly and efficiently. My staff also find it very simple to use. Using MESINKIRA has certainly made running my business easier. Try it out to see how its benefits

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