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Allows businesses to accept contactless payments using the device they already own.

An efficient solution that makes it easier and cheaper, for merchants to accept digital payments.

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A convenient tableside transaction technology tailored for a quicker and systemized contactless payment.

A technology which is most suited for cafes and restaurants designed to be a seamless and secure payment acceptance solution that will boost operation’s efficiency and profitability.

Payment Gateway

A merchant service that processes payments for ecommerce sites and traditional brick and mortar stores.

Ensures secure transaction by utilizing industry-standard technology that enables faster transaction process, expanding merchant’s customer base, and a transaction system that runs 24/7.

Mobile Point Of Sales

All-in-one instant mobile transaction from customer to merchant, made to fit all the functions of a standard POS terminal (Scanning, Receiving Payment & Printing Receipts).

Equipped with an automated cloud update, this device is designed to enable businesses to perform transactions regardless of the time or place (i.e. pop up store/booth)

Just Scan, Swipe and Pay!

Inventory Management System

Experience the best way to track your business stock levels with MESINKIRA’s Inventory Management System.

A system developed to assist businesses manage their inventory efficiently with seamless integrationmaking tasks easier and reduces human error.

Allowing businesses to thrive and continue improving their operation productivity and profitability.

Accounting & Bookkeeping System

Manage your business account better and without hassle with MESINKIRA’s Accounting & Bookkeeping System. 

Integrated with its own financial analysis and report that adhere to regulatory compliance, ensure business accounts are up to standard.

Precise data management that maintain accounting best practices make up a perfect system to run an effective business database as well as business audits.

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